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Welcome to my little corner of Please pardon the dust (and canned drupal theme) until design and development settles!

This will consist of the blog that you're reading, my résumé, photos, and other personal stuff. It will mostly be a chronicle of what's going on at NMS, but will also include my own random musings about technologies, media, and life in general.

Nausicaa Media Services is the company, right now in its infancy, founded as an umbrella for my freelance work in video post-production and web development. I am partnering with my childhood friend Jesse to offer development and consulting services with an emphasis on web standards, OSS, and web applications built on MVC architecture. We will soon seek to hire freelance designers, with an eventual goal of providing end-to-end branding and information design for web, broadcast and print media.

While Jesse has graduated to Ruby on Rails, I'm still wrangling PHP and am presently evaluating drupal as a content management system. Hence, this blog and the initial NMS site as a whole will be built on drupal. Jesse has extensive experience with Movable Type and others, and we will strive to stay abreast of emerging CMS and framework offerings in order to offer the right choices to clients.

Our first projects are for Atlanta CAD Services, Inc., my full-time employer, and Atlantic Coast Customs, friends of mine from Georgia Tech who are starting an automotive customs shop. It seems like there's no shortage of work out there, and I'm excited to have these two as early case studies, since we'll go through a corporate redesign and a from-scratch showcase site.

Stay tuned for updates on development work-in-progress and first-timers' forays into small business!

Since you mention MVC then

Since you mention MVC then Joomla 1.5 which includes it within its framework is something you would want to explore.

THe better than the expected

THe better than the expected things
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