what we've been doing

Yes, we are actually working on our own company site. Slowly. As we flesh out some copy, we're looking into an identity package so that we can style the site when the content is ready, plus get business cards and all that.

I've implemented a quick-and-dirty issue tracking system for ACS as a proof-of-concept, because I think it's badly needed there. It's built on the drupal casetracker module and is being tested on a current customer project. We're (patiently) waiting on an official sign-off to commence full-on development for them. In the meantime, we've implemented CCK and Views on the staging site, to unlock some of the real meat and potatoes of what Drupal can do.

Jesse has completed work for the launch of paidContent.org, which looks great. He wishes to express his joy to all of you about the migration of their 27,000+ existing entries ;-) He also recently contributed a patch to the Radiant CMS, which powers the new official Ruby site. I think the jury's still out on that patch making it into HEAD...

I had a pretty successful yard sale. Let me know if you need a grill or a dining table. Since then I've been fighting off illness, edumacatin' myself on Ruby over at why's (poignant) guide, and familiarizing myself with the Rails API, in addition to the daily grind. Stay tuned for more... I know you're thrilled.

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