Geek Toys

Opera Mini is pretty awesome.

I found out about it when searching the Salling Clicker forums to see if I could get that app working with my mediocre Motorola V551 mobile phone (more on that another day). I think I'm about to be paying more for my data plan...

The Subversion Applescripts included with Growl are a great little timesaver. For that matter, browsing the other included scripts inspired me to consider some repetitive tasks that I should script myself.

Jesse turned me on to VirtueDesktops, a long-needed replacement for DesktopManager, which I've been using I think since Jaguar. Sadly the graphics card in my ancient Powerbook isn't Core Image capable and I don't get the spiffy animations when switching desktops. Until we have Spaces, though (and/or I get a new Powerbook), it's an indispensable app.

Last but not least, Google Browser Sync allows me to pick up where I left off between home and work. Firefox bookmarks and session info are synced through your Google account (with encryption) so you can get right back to those 16 tabs spread across 5 windows...

Now I just wish the Adium plug-in for Quicksilver would work again...

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